Cobalt Abyss Chakra Dress
Cobalt Abyss Chakra Dress

Cobalt Abyss Chakra Dress

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Vaishali S Satori’s striking couture dress is our favourite pick showcasing Couture. This chakra dress features a vibrant colour palette dominated by shades of blue and turquoise, evoking a sense of depth and fluidity. The most distinctive element is the large, sculptural circle, and multi-layered embellishment on the bodice, resembling the spiritual path going beyond illusions. The long spiral drape is constructed with meticulous attention to the flow, showcasing the beauty of the concept. The silhouette is both structured and fluid, with the embellishments adding volume and movement.

 This ensemble is a testament to innovative design, merging traditional handcraft techniques with avant-garde aesthetics. It's a wearable piece of art that stands out for its bold design, luxurious fabric, and exquisite detailing.

FABRIC: Silk by Silk

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