Vaishali S Presents Summer Spring 2018 Collection


(An unchanged)

Change is an inevitable aspect of existence. It is observed in everything which one can perceive. Even when an object or a form changes, there is something inherent that remains the same.It is an unseen reality which creates oneness in everything that is known as “Creation”.It is the existence of creation which uninterruptedly passes through every change. If we uncondition our self to look beyond perceivable, we can witness the consistent, uninterrupted and pure existence of creation. That is “YATHAVAT” (an unchanged).

This collection is an attempt to consciously observe the profound, subtle and intuitive change that has passed through my work over the years. Moreover, it is an opportunity to experience the unseen, consistent reality which has quietly traveled through each of my collections.

This latest Vaishali S. collection is a reassessment of key pillars which define the arc of my creative journey until now. While doing that it was inevitable to restrain from today’s perception and also could witness some new elements, which was left unnoticed then.

It is based on various traditional weaves from India. The silhouettes mostly speak through layers and mixes of drapes and construction. The approach is minimalistic, so the garments are conceived in a manner in which it does not intend to change the true nature of the textiles. The color story and textures prominently carries the reference in time.