Yajna SS'16

यज्ञ | YAJNA | Sacrifice 

We often feel a relation or connection with our surroundings whether it is Nature, animals, or humans. We all are different parts of a larger universe. The Yajna is the transformation of one form of energy into another. The world we exist in is said to be the Yajna of the ubiquitous One, a portion of God turned inside out. The world is woven.

The concept guided us to a new perception and eye for the textiles. When a thread sacrifices its individuality then it becomes fabric. Still, it exists in the soul of the Fabric. To symbolize, We have treated fabric as thread and sometimes thread as fabric and have tried to create a play of oneness in contrast with multiplicity. Different layers n the garment travel through unfinished underneath layer to the clean and finished outer layer to interpret the stages of consciousness. Often portions in the garment, which initially appear separate, are slowly reveled interconnected.

The collection includes various fabrics from Maheshwar(M.P.). Khadi gently transforms into asymmetric drapes with free flowing ends. The unique and naturally forming shapes, flow, folds and spontaneity is been achieved through the unconventional silhouettes. The collection is a contemporary portrayal of the timelessness of Yajna.