श्रौत | SRAUTA

The collection embodies an artistic interpretation of handloom fabrics as our second skin, with a desire to wear ensembles created with nature itself and is timeworn in its quality. This collection is a statement and celebration of our existence through the simple act of taking a Breath.

 The word 'Srauta' refers to a Vedic ritual performed by priests who would sacrifice something as a means to gain a greater reward. Sacrifice is a celebration of life, a recognition of its divine and imperishable nature. 

Attaining any form of higher bliss, tangible, or intangible, is inconceivable without offering a part of our being and cascading flow of energy sacrifices itself in one form only to come to life in another, in a movement so imperceptible that preserves the secret of life. 
This collection is an ode to this omnipresent yet oblivious cycle of sacrifice. The pashmina spools for this weave have been procured from the highlands of Ladakh, woven into a fine fabric in Maheshwar (Madhya Pradesh) and crafted into garments in Mumbai. This artistic interpretation of sacrifice is carefully looked after at Vaishali S, making sure that this sacred flow is seamless and sustainable. A delicate fibre becomes a thread that enlivens a fabric that is ultimately transformed into garment breaking into the chrysalis of life.