Chaatak AW'18

चातक | CHAATAK | Cuckoo

Chaatak (Pied Crested Cuckoo) is a migratory bird who has a significant symbolic relevance in Hindu mythology. The bird is known for its unique desire to quench its thirst only through rain water. It is believed that Chaatak refuses to satisfy himself by any other water except rain, even if he is dying with a parched throat. The bird waits for long hours and makes desperate calls till rain comes to shower the ultimate joy of his life and to secure his existence.
Many Saints and Sufi poets have given Chaatak as an example and preached spiritual seekers to have the same longing for God. Like the Chaatak, humans also tend to trap themselves into an unending loop of desires, in an attempt to overcome it.
I feel that the process is similar when the art is created. I interpret every artist as a Chaatak who follows the same journey. A wish for creation transforms an artist into Chaatak who thrives for inspiration for its thirst to express or create. He fails to settle for anything other than his vision and refers to the inner calling and then waits for it to be revealed. Like the Chaatak the artist also experiences the feelings of restlessness, pain, joy and fulfilment. the fulfilment of one desire lead to a new desire. It's a beautiful process where that they themselves become the creator, medium and creation.
This idea inspired me to have a mirrored perspective of my own creative process. The process was challenging as it demanded a fine balance between objectivity and indulgence.
The collection is a mix of Khadi, Merino wool and different weaves of India. The collection is an attempt to relive the process of efforts, suffering and pleasure of the Chaatak. Since the physical appearance plays an important role in the journey, some garments may inherit a resemblance of it. The collection includes different layouts of garments in form of long and short dresses, jackets, drapes, tunics, and capes. The color story is inspired from the physical appearance of the bird Chaatak black, white, grey, beige, brown and hint of gold.
As the title suggests, the collection will touch the core feelings of human nature and intense experiences to present it in a different perspective.