Umber S/S 20

Umber S/S 20

      Spring Summer 2020

      'Umber' is a collection, which tells the story of 'Khunn', a handwoven fabric that we have revived and reinvented to create an all new lexicon of style. The infusion of the old with something new gives it a contemporary twist, highlighting its significance and value. The silhouettes of Umber are young and edgy, carrying an easy-chic vibe while being true to the traditional context.

      A unique harmony of contemporary silhouettes, the new collection features handwoven fabrics which have been treated using techniques such as knotting. cording, and hand embroidery to create textured surfaces. It is a heirloom interwoven in culture and global appeal. The colour palette leaves an interesting trail: a vibrant splash with hints of soothing white, put together between sheers and pops of geometric motif vocabulary.

      The highlight of this endeavour is working closely with weaver families, empowering women who have this intricate skill with a sustainable livelihood on a localised level.

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