Collection: Rebirth AW '20

जनांतर | Janmaantar | Rebirth

Autumn - Winter 2020

The distance between birth and life is curiosity. Nature is bound closely with this innate allegory of immersive experiences. Seasons lie within this intricate circle, in the spring buds, fall of autumn leaves and fractals of ice.
Weaving narratives by Vaishali S are influenced by the spiritual calling of nature and the ethereal essence of being born again. Rebirth, her AW’20 collection cultivates an intense bond between humanity and nature, lacing a deep sense of calm within the fabric flow. Corded Chanderi braids through silhouettes like rushes in a Himalayan valley, tresses of threads careening into a translucent membrane. Snow laden branches wind into a frozen portrait on fabric, detailed with a feather light Chanderi touch. This unwavering texture meanders through the winter roads into an autumn Khunn, draped sinuously into a saree. Leaves crackle and blaze into the handloom weaves that carry the soul of textiles into a pensive epilogue. Golden light illuminates unseen imitation, the artistic interpretation of nature, timeworn in its essence and ageless in continuation.