Vaishali S. is ready to offer waste-free couture show in Paris

Vaishali S. is ready to offer waste-free couture show in Paris | Mint (

Designer Vaishali S. is all set to showcase her latest autumn/winter collection in Paris on 24 June, during the haute couture week. 

Titled Satori, the collection is made with handwoven cotton and silks. The embellishments for the garments were first developed for her home decor collection, which she showcased in Mumbai early this year, she informs. These are made by repurposing the leftovers (she always uses leftovers for handwork) from different fabrics on the same outfit.

In an interview with Lounge, Shadangule discusses the collection and how she finds clarity of thought in design in a busy industry. Edited excerpts:


In what way does this collection take your design essence and style forward?

My collections are all parts of a deeper search and development. Draping and cording, together with handwoven fabrics, being the base of my work, they are a cohesive part of this path and the means to it. In this collection, they are more intertwingled and help each other. In my collections till now, cording would give shapes and a sense of the flow in the second stage. Then came draping to give the final look. In this collection, draping comes together with cording, which supports this new way of draping to achieve new silhouettes. I wanted to give an "aha!" moment to the collection.