Radhika Apte just made her international runway debut in Paris

Vogue India

Radhika Apte just made her international runway debut in Paris | Vogue India

It seems evident that just like Kylie Jenner, Doja Cat and other international personalities who are regularly making their fashion pilgrimage to fashion week, Bollywood stars are also charting their trajectory into the global fashion scene. Radhika Apte just walked down the runway for the Vaishali S' fall/winter 24 showcase in Paris.


One of India's leading fine jewellery brands, Tanishq came on board as the couturier's jewellery partner for the show with a special collection titled Enchanted Trails. Inspired by the country's dense tropical green cover, the collection took the form of fluid necklaces crafted by karigars in India over three months. Against the fluid draping observed on the clothes, each statement necklace interpreted the overarching theme of nature with leaves and branches that were executed using intricately interlinked rare diamonds and precious stones. This marks the second time the jewellery brand has showcased its collection at a fashion show, reinterpreting its signature of fine craftsmanship with experimental structures that introduce Indian jewellery with a fresh perspective.

Apte glided down the runway wearing a necklace that combined the silhouette of Victorian organdy collars with the delicate ripples of water in streams that decorate the Indian wild deltas. The actor wore two looks from the collection, opening the show in a draped and corded maroon sari and closing it in an azure blue dress with fluid cord technique detailing. Titled Satori, the collection featured classic handwoven textiles in Vaishali Shadangule's signature draped and corded silhouettes. This collaboration embodies both the brands' ethos of India's legacy of craftsmanship. While the couturier expresses it through her signature cording inspired by nature, Tanishq matches it with their exquisitely designed necklaces and earrings. Feathers of majestic tropical birds taking flight, the tiny rivulets in babbling brooks, and the wild branches tightly knotted together under a canopy of green became symbols that lent each piece their own space to shine.

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