And Quiet Flows the Thread SS'17


The hand woven tradition follows the same principle of nature. The cotton ball goes through a tug of war before it is born as a thread. Inheriting the flow within then the thread survives many levels of resistance as it is tied to the loom by a simple and small knot. The flow resumes as the weaver pours in his energy and emotion through the crafting process which finally transforms into a fabric.
The collection is an attempt to find the fine balance through knots and falls depicting the flows of life, colour palette consist of Dutch white, shades of sapphire blue, greys and blacks, subtly complimenting the progression of movement. Textures ranging from knots and cords to loose, freely hanging threads are the essence of the collection, giving life to the concept of flow and form. The lightness and versatility of the fabrics like silk and khadi give way to unique, silhouettes such as those of jackets dresses of varying lengths and de-constructed drapes, each of which are created with an unconventional perspective.
"And Quite Flows the Thread" is to honour the thread and the rhythmic crafting process of weaving and a tribute to Indian craftsmanship.